SMS Marketing

How to Build Your List Quickly

You have probably read and heard that the money is in the list, and many people haven’t been able to find a list. The truth is it’s not just about building a list, but it’s about having the correct mindset to go from starting out with few people on your list to 1,000 people with the same niche.

Opt-in or checkout box

The first thing you need to do is to have a good opt-in or checkout box. You must encourage the user to fill out the form so that you can give them something. They are also asking themselves, “what’s in it for me?” So your requirement for signing up should be really high.

For SMS marketing in Sweden, opt-out is also extremely important to comply with local laws. To find out more about SMS marketing in Sweden, see this great guide.

What you are offering in return, is actually what your leads want. If it is something that is really valuable, your leads will take you up on your offer. For example,Targeted pension breaks operating on an opt-in list, had an offer of a brand new, hand-picked, buyers’ list from US citizens.

Initially, I was quite cautious and thought that probably I don’t get that much for my hard work, but then I thought, what’s the worst that a thousand people who hold on to their money and want to make more for their retirement can’t contain my offer?

Try stuff, try stuff, try stuff!

So I took a chance on hotel contrubation, a new batch of herbal supplements, which have tested well, but I’m an easily scared person. For instance, if I buy a hotel room, I need to be relaxed and comfortable. If I buy herbal supplements, I need to feel good and invigorated which means that nothing in the house will make me feel ill and feel guilty. Therefore, obviously this is a different category.

cheerful, decides it’s time to go for the big stuff!

When I came out with this new offer, people willing to give me their name and email keep coming in and sending in their personal details. After that, it became a good deal less than the original price.

So, before you make your list build offer, see what you can and can’t go for. Follow the guidelines set out by this article and things will go pretty smoothly.

Following the legalities of creating this method, you will therefore have to map out what you are offering and see what you can get out of the deal as well.

Make a list, study it, try it and then come up with your own version that will be more interesting and profitable for you and your business.

The key is to select the winning product or service.

A lot of marketers are making massive cash using this method to create their list.

If you come up with an interesting or unique idea, it will get you more subscribers.

However, you may have to amend the offer several times if the product is crap.

Creating a successful reverse funnel offering is a very time-consuming process, but if you are not record-worthy to present yourself to the prospect, you may have to take an extra year to get it right.

I’ll discuss how to use this technique in detail in my next article.