This post is all about SMS marketing in Sweden. The article will tell you everything about SMS marketing in this northern country.

All of us send business letters, letters of thanks, letters and reminders all the time. To ensure that all these methods count, we should be participating in SMS as well.

SMS works not only as a great marketing tool, but also a great way to be in contact with all of our customers, our suppliers and our employees. Even events such as conferences in other companies can be explained by SMS. In this article, we are going to look at the different ways with which SMS marketing can be applied in the Sweden market.

Personal SMS

The first mobile messages that were sent to customers were a letter, aThank You Letter, an invoice and surveys were sent in the 80’s, then all of them are through the simple SMS concept, very similar to sending a letter by post. We can actually send messages to our customers by phone now. These are very easy and quick.


Portability is one of the great benefits of SMS. At work, we may be packing with customer and that delicate crystal White Ferrari may be taken back to the office. At home it could also be the other way around. We can have that wonderful relationship based mobile relationship with customers reach an end. Now if we can turn it back into an SMS message, we can be there until both parties are ready to talk again, by sending a SMS message to their phone.

Real-time update on customer’s status

The moment a customer receives a SMS from a marketer on his cell, it will most definitely be an alert for him. Even though the marketer has to keep communication as much as possible on the customer’s active cell, that still works. It is the moment that the customers and the marketer can talk online and can relax. If their customers are going to enjoy a good mobile relationship with the marketer, the customers can have better experience through these SMS messages.

As we all know, we all enjoy real-time or at least, live-chat, the abilities it gives us is truly amazing, it’s very important to build and promote our real-time relationship with the right marketing technology especially when it comes to marketing through mobile.


In this era of e-mail, it is common knowledge: a serious subscriber will log in to his e-mail account and check, by himself, if there is a message on his e-mail box. Messages from all over the world, that are of interest to him, can be easily received. But it can be harder to filter and sort these.

SMS gives you the opportunity to reach out to so many people, you can safely share your messages with clients as of today or inform them of a changes in business.

How and Advantages of Texting in Email

Studies have shown that “80% of customers are persuaded through cellular messaging”, while “70% of customers are already using text messaging.”

A great way to share messages with customers is through emails. One Swedish company which creates software for SMS marketing is this one.

Customers are now being connected into a mobile text campaign which is replaced by SMS marketing. Customers are saying “I need to talk now”. Email is no longer the way to communicate to your clients, you can leave the old-fashioned way of texting for your customers to choose for now, but SMS marketing is something which is very effective, very more professional and at the same time a very personal way of accessing your customers in real time and ensuring that you can get as many responses as possible.

The great thing about this kind of marketing is that:

The customer can simply write a message that will be answered if a reply or a message is received while you are awake.

It is easy to take a guess at the text that will be sent, see it for yourself.

You do not need a reply in advance, you can send messages to everyone or send them when you feel like it using an automatic reply service.

Depending on your budget, you can opt for the most suitable solution, which tailored to your needs, with features such as:

The business world is changing fast and you have to be the one that can keep up. With a well-developed mobile market your business will have more customers, you will be able to double your sales and watch your business grow.

If you are a telemarketer, the SMS ad and email servicewill give you the rating platform to maintain contact with your consumers and clients, as customers are very likely to reply to your text message if they can identify different messages.

If you are a party-planner, the SMS ad and e-mail servicewill provide you with a very good idea how and what is happening in the industry and analyze the effectiveness of marketing and response so that you can respond accordingly.